New Account

If you are new to the University of Arkansas, activate your UARK account to securely access online university services.

To activate your UARK Account:

  1. Go to Password Manager and enter your University ID. Click Continue.
    • Faculty and staff can get their University ID numbers from office administrative personnel.
    • Students can find their University ID numbers in their admissions packets or contact Admissions or the Office of the Registrar.
  2. Enter your date of birth in the MM/DD/YYYY format. Click Continue.
  3. Read the Code of Computing Practicesand answer the three questions. Click Next. 
  4. Complete the security quiz. Write down your UARK username and email address.
  5. Click Create your security question. Complete the form to set up your security question and answer. Click Submit. 
  6. Click Change your password. Follow the instructions on the page to enter and verify your new password. Click Submit.

Your UARK username appears before or in your University of Arkansas email address. For example, the username for is jdoe.

Learn more about using your UARK Account.