Document Management System

The document management system can be used by departments to securely store and retrieve all types of electronic documents, route them through workflows, annotate, digitally sign and add retention policy information. 

The document management system was upgraded and renamed to Perceptive Content on October 31, 2016. Read more.

Using document management, departments can build simple or complex workflows to route documents through various stages of an approval or business process. Digital forms can be routed through a workflow where users can add text, attach documents, provide authorization and perform actions.

Security restrictions can be applied to control access at all levels, providing different users with read-only access or specific privileges. Restrictions can also be applied to specific types of documents or groups of folders.

Documents in the system are managed by department, and access to documents is granted by the department. To find out which department manages a document or a document group, submit a request at with Document Management selected from the Category menu.

Using Perceptive Content

The campus document management system is currently Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) from Lexmark. Departments and units interested in learning more about document management or gaining access to the system can create a request at and select Document Management from the Category menu.

For light use, the Perceptive Content WebApp at is available to search for documents, annotate, process within workflows and manually add scanned images or existing electronic documents. Because Java is required, Chrome is not recommended. Learn more about using the Perceptive Content WebApp.

To work with large volumes of files, complex workflows, batch scanning and indexing, and bulk loading of documents, the Perceptive Content application for Windows is available. Learn more and find instructions for downloading and installing the Perceptive Content application for Windows.

Batch Scanning

The Kofax Capture batch scanning software is available for larger scanning operations. Kofax Capture offers scanning, image clean-up capabilities and compatibility with most USB scanners. It also has character recognition capabilities that can extract data from typed or written text, check boxes and bar codes.

For access to Kofax for your department or unit, create a request at and select Kofax from the Category menu. IT Services will perform the installation and build the relevant batch class structures for the department or unit.