eCycle, a comprehensive technology reuse program, enhances technology on campus, creates financial savings, extends the life of labs and reduces the amount of electronic waste ultimately sent to landfills.

eCycle was established in 2009 by IT Services in cooperation with Business Affairs as a green initiative aimed at reducing e-waste while extending the life of technology resources at the university. 

Laptops, computers, monitors and printers are donated to eCycle by departments, refurbished by eCycle staff and then given or sold for a nominal fee to other departments who can use them.

When a department wishes to donate equipment, eCycle staff ascertains that the equipment meets a usefulness threshold. The eCycle team then tests, repairs, upgrades software and adds increased memory, larger hard drives or better video cards as needed. Although equipment is not guaranteed, it is thoroughly vetted.

eCycle staff works with those seeking equipment to identify particular models and upgrade options to meet departments' needs. Those wishing to make use of eCycle equipment can review the eCycle inventory and order online or call to discuss their options.

eCycle is only available to departments at this time. To donate equipment or discuss equipment in eCycle inventory, call or email using the contact information listed on the right.