Blackboard Learn

 Students and faculty can participate in classes delivered online or access online materials and activities to complement face-to-face classroom experiences using Blackboard Learn, the University of Arkansas learning management system, at

An entire online course can be created in Blackboard Learn or materials can be published to supplement existing face-to-face courses, requiring minimal technical expertise. Blackboard Learn offers:

  • Email, discussion boards and chat communication tools
  • Grade book and assessment tools
  • Assignment submission and plagiarism detection
  • Tools for incorporating and linking content, exchanging files and managing a calendar
  • Built-in visual themes using individual page layouts and color schemes
  • Wikis, blogs and journals

Blackboard Mobile Learn

The Blackboard Mobile Learn app provides faculty and students with access to Blackboard Learn using an iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry. Downloads and more information are available by logging in at and clicking Mobile at the top.


The Faculty Technology Center staff supports Blackboard Learn and provides training for faculty to digitize, update or create course content in formats suitable for use in Blackboard Learn.

Blackboard Learn support documentation is available at Blackboard Learn for Faculty and Blackboard Learn for Students or under Support on the top navigation within Blackboard Learn. Online help is available through the Request Blackboard Help form or by emailing

The Blackboard Learn Help Desk provides phone support at 479-575-6804, and limited support and troubleshooting are available after hours at 479-575-2904.


If you experience a problem with Blackboard Learn, check your computer and connection using the Support Checklist, and confirm that Blackboard Learn is currently available at the Blackboard Dashboard. Call 479-575-6804 during Blackboard Learn Help Desk hours (listed to the right of this page) or 479-575-2904 after hours to alert technical staff if Blackboard Learn is not responding.

When necessary, Blackboard Learn maintenance occurs on Fridays from 1 to 5 a.m.  Notice prior to scheduled Blackboard Learn maintenance is posted on the login page, the Blackboard Learn Listserv ( and the IT Services Facebook page.

Copy or Combine Courses

Starting fall 2015, a Blackboard Learn course will be automatically created for each class managed through UAConnect. Faculty can request previous course content be copied into a new course by completing the Course Change Request form, or they can copy previous course content manually.

UAConnect combined course sections are automatically created in Blackboard Learn with a single master course. Faculty can also request that multiple class sections that are not combined in UAConnect be combined in Blackboard Learn using the Course Change Request form. Master courses allow faculty to manage rosters, content and communication tasks for all sections from one central location within Blackboard Learn. The request form also provides an option to have content from a previous course copied into the new master course.

Request an Organization

Blackboard Organizations provide departments and work groups with collaborative space, using features found in Blackboard Learn courses, such as wikis, blogs, discussion forums and other communication tools. To get started, complete the Blackboard Organization Request form. 

Request a Student View Account

Faculty who want to view a Blackboard Learn course as a student may request a Blackboard student view sponsored account using the Account Request form. Complete the form and enter "blackboard" in the Cost Center field. Use the username and password for the sponsored account to log into Blackboard Learn as a student.

Integrated Classroom Tools

Third-party applications supported within Blackboard Learn include: