About Faculty/Staff Email

IT Services provides Microsoft Exchange integrated email and calendaring services for all faculty and staff.

If you are new to the University of Arkansas, see Get Started.

Exchange offers email calendar invites, scheduling views for multiple calendars, shared calendars, Lync messaging and file transfer, and a minimum 4GB quota.

You can send email attachments with a 25MB file size limit. Use DropboxIT to distribute files too large to send as email attachments.

All faculty and staff can access Exchange through any browser using Outlook Web App (OWA) at exchange.uark.edu. Outlook for Windows and Mac is available to faculty and staff working in units that participate in the Microsoft Campus Agreement. Learn more about getting Outlook.

Set Up Exchange:

Troubleshooting Note:

For help configuring an email application to access Exchange, contact your tech partner. For other Exchange support, call the IT Help Desk at 479-575-2905 or use AskIT to request support online.

Students Eligible for Exchange

  • Teaching or graduate assistants with access to class rosters and other student information (required)
  • Students working with export-controlled data (required)
  • Students requesting ADA accommodation
  • Students working at the university part time (when required by supervisor)

Learn more at Student Email Alternative.

Personal Accounts

Faculty and staff are encouraged to maintain personal off-campus email accounts in addition to their Exchange mailbox. Exchange mailboxes are contingent on employment. Maintaining personal email accounts allows users to avoid interruptions in accessing email when an Exchange mailbox is purged. For more information, see Leaving the University.