About Student Email

UARK Gmail at email.uark.edu is your official student mailbox. 

If you are new to the University of Arkansas, see Get Started.

Some things you should know about your UARK Gmail mailbox include:

  • Your UARK Gmail address is username@email.uark.edu. Official university communication is sent to your UARK Gmail account.
  • You can access UARK Gmail in a web browser at email.uark.edu or by using a desktop or mobile email application.
  • Google Drive and UARK Gmail share an unlimited quota, and the file size limit for email attachments is 20MB.
  • UARK Gmail uses UARK Central Login, a service that provides access to other university applications through a single sign-on process.
  • To create a bookmark to UARK Gmail (rather than UARK Central Login), you must edit your bookmark by going to Organize Bookmarks or Favorites in your browser and changing the Address/URL to http://email.uark.edu.
  • Closing your browser will log you out of all UARK Central Login applications, including UARK Gmail (Mac users must quit the browser).
  • UARK Gmail gives you access to Google Calendar, Drive and Hangouts. Learn more about accessibility when using Google Apps.
  • You can search for university email addresses using the Campus Directory in your web browser.
  • UARK Gmail is not available to children under 13 years old. 

Personal Email for Graduating Students

UARK Gmail mailbox access is contingent on your status as a student. IT Services recommends that you establish a non-UARK email account prior to leaving the university to avoid interruption to your email access. For more information, see Leaving the University.