UARK Jabber

UARK Jabber instant messaging for faculty, staff and students can be accessed at with any web browser.

Students, faculty and staff can chat with other UARK users — as well as MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google and AIM contacts — using UARK Jabber. For more options than are available through UA Chat, including file transfer, IT Services recommends the Psi Messenger desktop Jabber application for Windows. IT Services also supports Messages (formerly iChat) for Mac and Talkonaut applications for UARK Jabber instant messaging.

Set Up UARK Jabber:

Public and Private Chat Rooms

Chat rooms provide real-time online group messaging. Official university chat rooms hosted on UARK Jabber can be requested as public, private and/or password-protected using the UARK Jabber Chat Room Request form. Users can also create temporary chat rooms in Psi, UA Chat or other Jabber applications. Temporary chat rooms are removed from the server when no users are present.

A chat room can be accessed by selecting it from the list of public chat rooms or clicking Join a Conference or Join a Chat Room in Psi or UA Chat and entering the chat room name. In the server field, enter for public chat rooms or for private chat rooms.