Tech Partners for Faculty and Staff

When faculty and staff need support for desktop equipment or the network, contacting their departmental technology partner is the first step.

Departments have technology partners who work closely with IT Services. Find the name and contact information of your tech partner below. If your department does not have a tech partner, contact the Help Desk at 479-575-2905 or submit an AskIT case.

Campus tech partners can update the following information by logging into with a UARK username and password.

Swipe left for contact information.

AFLS Agriculture, Food, and Life Sciences Ken Smedley 575-3420 agritech
ARAS Archeological Survey Debbie Weddle 575-5059 weddle
ARCH Architecture Scott Zemke 575-4484 szemke
ARKU Arkansas Union Yen Nguyen
ARSC Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences Teresa Waddell 575-7512 arscsup
ASCR Admissions David Gibson 575-4654 dgibso
ATHL Athletics Joseph Lindquist 575-2569 jlindqu
AVCB Business Affairs Tina Lester 575-6765 tlester
AVCF Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance Pete Campbell 575-7353 pcampbe
BAEG Biological and Agricultural Engineering Kyle Hunter 575-2351 kwhunter
BMEG Biomedical Engineering Kyle Hunter 575-2351 kwhunter
CAST Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies Lyndon Colvin 575-7907 lcolvin
CDIS Department of Communication Disorders Bart Cohen 575-6262 bcohen
CHEG Chemical Engineering Harold Watson 575-7377 hwatson
CMSE Center for Math and Science Education Bart Cohen 575-6262 bcohen
COEHP College of Education and Health Professions Bart Cohen 575-6262 bcohen
CSCE Computer Science and Computer Engineering George Holmes 575-3822 gholmes
CTED Continuing Education Anselm Lambert 575-6675 ablamber
CVEG Civil Engineering Chris Boyd 575-4048 cjboyd
Chartwell's Dining Services Marion Smith 575-3232 mrsmith
DSTU Center for Educational Access Heidi Scher 575-3104 hascher
ELEG Electrical Engineering Daniel Klein 575-7472 dmklein
ENGR Engineering Deans Office Luke Gabbard 575-6373 lucyen
ENLC Enhanced Learning Center Ron Norvell 575-2880 rnorvell
ENRC Engineering Research Center Eric DenBoer 575-8424 ericdb
FAMA Facilities Management Benjamin Arens 575-2068 barens
FTC Faculty Technology Center Eric Gorder 575-7401 egorder
GRAD Graduate School & International Education Mark Larmoyeux 479-422-4212 marksl
HDEC High Density Electronics Center Michael Glover 575-7292 mglover
HHPR Health, Human Performance, and Recreation Bart Cohen 575-6262 bcohen
HLTH Health Center Roberto Sangalli 575-7737 robertos
HMRS Human Resources Alesia Wells 575-6260 aawells
HNRC Honors College Michael Zachary 575-2056 mzachar
HOUS University Housing Eric Roberts 575-3951 eroberts
INEG Industrial Engineering Matthew Sparks 575-4229 masparks
INRS Institutional Research Ciprian Caloianu 575-3374 ciprian
ISS International Students & Scholars Michael Freeman 575-5003 mfreeman
LAW Law School Chris Abel 575-5656 cabel
MEEG Mechanical Engineering Jeff Thomas 575-4847 jt013
MULN Mullins Library Judy Ganson 575-5418 jganson
NTCS Off Campus Connections Michael Kratchmer 575-4738 mkratchm
NURS Elenor Mann School of Nursing Jonah Kronenberger 575-8671 jkronen
OEOC Equal Opportunity and Compliance J'onnelle A. Colbert-Diaz 575-3333 jcdiaz
PARK Parking and Transit Betty Blomberg 575-7180 bblomber
PBSF Public Safety Gary Crain 575-2311 garyc
PRSV Printing Services Suzie Kyle 575-8410 suzkyle
REGR Registrar Gary McDonald 575-4325 gxm04
RSSP Research & Sponsored Programs Ashim Khadka 575-7379 akhadka
RSSV Research & Service Units Kyle Cowan 575-5593 kcowan
SILC Spring International Language Center Phillip Nguyen 575-7600 ptn001
UAPR University Press Brian King 575-6780 brking
UITS University IT Services Marie Riley 575-2905 mriley
UREC University Recreation Daniel Harris 575-4631 dgharri
UREL University Relations Chris Nixon 575-5629 cnixon
VCAC Provost Office Doug Miles 575-8409 dmiles
VPRS Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development Ashim Khadka 575-7379 akhadka
VPSA Vice Provost for Student Affairs Michael Kratchmer 575-4738 mkratchm
WCOB Sam M. Walton College of Business Sandy Kizer 575-7649 skizer