The University of Arkansas provides free installations of Symantec AntiVirus for students, faculty and staff for off-campus and on-campus computers. Symantec AntiVirus is required to access the university network.

Symantec Endpoint Security includes antivirus and anti-spyware protection, as well as firewall, intrusion prevention and other security features. Those living in residence halls are required to install this software.

Before You Install Symantec AntiVirus

  1. It is important to make sure you've uninstalled other antivirus software such as free trials or older versions of Symantec, Norton, McAfee, PCCillin, etc. before installing Symantec AntiVirus from the university.
    • Windows: Go to Programs and Features in the Control Panel to remove the old software.
    • Mac: In Applications, go to your existing antivirus software folder and use the Uninstaller to remove the software. If there is no Uninstaller, delete your antivirus software and its related folders.
  2. Your UARK username and password are required to download Symantec AntiVirus. If you haven't done so, activate your UARK account. For more information, see New Account.

Download Free Antivirus Software

For computers that are used primarily on campus, download our managed Symantec AntiVirus package. This allows IT Services to manage the antivirus updates for computers on campus.

Download the On-campus Installer:

For computers that are used primarily off campus, download our unmanaged Symantec AntiVirus package. With the unmanaged software, you are responsible for keeping it updated. If you use your computer at a Greek house, you will use the off-campus version.

Download the Off-campus Installer: