Students, faculty and staff can connect to the university's UARK Wi-Fi network. Guests can connect to UARK Guest Wi-Fi, and visitors from participating institutions can use eduroam.

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Wireless is available in most university buildings with nearly 3,000 wireless access points on campus. You can also get online by connecting with a wired network port


UARK Wi-Fi is the secured network for UARK users, offering unrestricted internet access to all web locations and services.

Set Up UARK Wi-Fi:

Troubleshooting Note:

If you experience problems connecting to UARK Wi-Fi, remove the connection profile from your device and add it again. Network removal instructions are provided on the setup articles linked above.

UARK Guest Wi-Fi

Those without a UARK account can get limited internet access by connecting to the UARK Guest Wi-Fi network. UARK Guest Wi-Fi does not require setup and is an unsecured guest network that allows access to the web, but blocks other services such as printing and mapping a drive. To access UARK Guest Wi-Fi, choose it from the list of available networks, open your web browser and enter any valid email address (for example, jsmith@example.com).


The University of Arkansas is an eduroam member, providing secure wireless access to visitors from participating institutions, as well as making wireless access available to UARK users when traveling to participating institutions. Learn more about eduroam at the University of Arkansas.

Wireless Routers

IT Services prohibits the use of on-campus wireless routers by students, faculty and staff. Wireless routers can inhibit traffic flow through the university network, negatively impacting the quality of internet access for other users sharing the same local network.