Outlook for Exchange Online

Outlook integrates with your Exchange Online email, calendar and Skype for Business messaging.

With Outlook, you can send calendar invites, share calendars and get scheduling views for multiple calendars.

Outlook is included in Microsoft Office. Faculty and staff can install Outlook on personal devices for free using Office 365. To install Outlook on your university-owned computer, contact your department tech support.

Installers for Office are available to departments participating in the Microsoft Campus Agreement

Install Microsoft Office

STOP! If you are installing Office for your university-owned computer, contact your department tech support first.

Learn how to map a drive to download the installation files:

Windows: \\gizmo.uark.edu\dfs

Mac: smb://gizmo.uark.edu/dfs

Troubleshooting Note:

After downloading and installing Office, run Windows Update or Software Update (Mac) to ensure all security updates and patches are applied.

For support, contact your department's tech support. If your department is not listed, contact the IT Help Desk.

Archiving Email

Although faculty and staff have 50GB of storage for Exchange Online, an archiving option is available to avoid going over the quota. 

Set up archiving by right-clicking an email message and choosing Archive. You can create a new folder for archiving or use an existing folder. Click OK.
Warning: When you use archiving, you agree that email older than two years old will be automatically moved to the archive folder.