Service Catalog

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Accounts and Security
Identity and Access Management
Manage your UARK account and password.
UARK Central Login
UARK Central Login simplifies logging into university applications.
Administrative & Business
BASIS Admin Accounts
Users who log directly into BASIS, or log into webBASIS as administrators, use a BASIS Admin username and password.
Document Imaging and Management
Document imaging can be used by departments to securely store and retrieve all types of electronic documents, route them through workflows, annotate, digitally sign and add retention policy information.
Finance and Human Resources
BASIS (Business Administrative Strategic Information System) and webBASIS provide a suite of applications used to manage the day-to-day business transactions of the university.
Reporting and Analytics
BI/Data Warehouse is a repository where staff and faculty can run queries and reports against university data.
Student Information Systems
UAConnect manages undergraduate and graduate student admissions, student records, and student financial accounts.
Communication & Collaboration
Box is a cloud-based file sharing service available free of charge to students, faculty and staff at the University of Arkansas.
The university offers several collaboration services to support the creation, sharing, and exchange of information and ideas for individuals, teams or departments.
Chat, hold online meetings and collaborate with others anywhere in the world.
DropboxIT File Transfer
DropboxIT is a web application that allows students, faculty and staff to send files too large for email.
Email and Calendaring
The university supports UARK Gmail for students, Exchange Online for faculty and staff, Listserv, Exchange distribution groups and Office 365 Groups.
Exchange Online
Exchange Online is the official email and calendaring service for faculty and staff.
Exchange Online Distribution Groups
Exchange distribution groups are used for sending email to a large number of UARK recipients, as well as granting group access to resources in Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory.
Lifesize Videoconferencing
Lifesize can be used for hosting online meetings, collaborating at a distance, conducting virtual field trips or holding classes.
Listserv Mailing Lists
Listserv mailing lists allow for widespread distribution of email to subscribers.
Office 365 Groups
Office 365 Groups are available to faculty and staff for writing and sharing documents, scheduling meetings, sending email and more.
Organizational Folders for Box
Colleges, organizations and other units can request organizational folders in Box for collaboration and to prevent data being lost when a project or team collaborator leaves the university.
SharePoint Online
Faculty and staff can use SharePoint Online to manage projects, build collaboration portals, post and manage files and documents, and more.
Communication Systems manages the university's telephone services. These include both office/desk phones and cell phones.
UARK Gmail
UARK Gmail is the official email and calendaring service for students provided with Google Apps for Education including Drive, Hangouts and other services.
UARK Jabber
UARK Jabber is an on-campus chat service for faculty, staff and students available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.
IT Services supports departmental, program and personal websites.
Network & Devices
Antivirus Software
Symantec AntiVirus is free for students, faculty and staff using off-campus and on-campus computers.
Bomgar Remote Support
Bomgar allows technical personnel to control multiple systems, chat with multiple end-users and collaborate with other support representatives from their own workstations.
Desktops and Mobile Devices
Find antivirus, storage and backup solutions, and get help with your computer.
Equipment Checkout
IT Services maintains a variety of laptops, cameras, tablets, camcorders, projectors, recorders, microphones and accessories available for checkout free of charge to students, faculty and staff.
Network Access
Get connected, get online.
Off-campus Network Access (VPN)
Access on-campus remote desktops, servers or other resources with VPN.
Each semester, a student can print up to the equivalent of 700 single-sided black toner pages (a value of $35) without charge.
Software Distribution
Students, faculty and staff can purchase or access free downloads for a wide range of applications from multimedia and productivity to mathematics and statistical analysis.
Virtual Desktops
Virtual desktops provide secure, remote access to software or online services.
Online Surveys
Online surveys can be published in minutes and results viewed graphically in real time with Qualtrics.
Research Computing
The Nebula Cloud Platform offers secure and resizable computing, storage and networking resources for research, software development and testing.
Teaching and Learning
Assessment Systems
IT Services provides Scantron classroom examination and survey scoring services for faculty.
Classroom Technology and Support
Technology-enhanced classrooms provide a standard set of equipment for presenting materials, recording class sessions and more.
Educational Technology Support
Interested in providing students with online course materials or looking for ways to engage students using technology? We can help.
Learning Management Systems
Students and faculty can participate in classes online using Blackboard Learn.
Lecture Capture
Echo360 allows faculty to record class sessions and share the recordings in Blackboard.