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Online surveys can be published in minutes and results viewed graphically in real time with Qualtrics. The user-friendly interface, survey flow and randomization options mean that surveys can be designed, tested and distributed quickly and easily.

Qualtrics is a professional quality web-based platform for designing, distributing and evaluating surveys across disciplines.

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Research Data Services supports and manages access to Qualtrics. Before requesting a Qualtrics account, all surveys must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or be exempted from approval. If you believe your survey does not qualify as a human subject research project requiring IRB approval, send an email describing the purpose of the survey and including your survey questions to to determine whether IRB approval is required.

For information on IRB submission, see the Humans as Subjects in Research page.

After receiving IRB approval or exemption, submit a Survey Account and Information Request form, including the IRB Approval Number and IRB Protocol Title for projects requiring IRB approval.  Attach a copy of the "Statement of Clearance" or the exemption memo from the IRB Coordinator.

Once you have received an account from IT Services, you can log in at Comprehensive training and technical support for Qualtrics are available at

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Comprehensive training and technical support for Qualtrics are available at