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IT Services provides Scantron classroom examination and survey scoring services for faculty.

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Request Test or Survey Scanning (PDF)

Exams and surveys must be completed on Pearson 6703 or 4521 forms, available at the University Bookstore. Those conducting surveys can request approval to use an alternative form one week in advance. 

Dropping Off Exam or Survey

Drop off exam envelopes between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, at the IT Help Desk in the Administrative Services Building.

Scanning takes two business days. We will contact you if there is a delay in processing.

Pick Up and Results

To maintain the confidentiality of student scores, examination results are not delivered, mailed or faxed. When your scan results are ready, you will receive an email with a link to a secure website.

Scantron forms not picked up within 60 days are shredded. 

More Information

Instructions are available for importing scantron exam scores into a Blackboard Learn course.  

Scantron Guidelines

Giving the Exam or Survey

  • Require students to use a #2 pencil to make heavy black marks; answer forms completed with pens cannot be processed. Changed responses must be erased completely and all stray marks removed. Marks that are placed near the black horizontal bars or the black squares render scoring impossible. Forms must not be bent, folded or otherwise mutilated.
  • An identification (ID) number is required on all answer forms. The ID must be a unique number, two to 10 digits long. Left justify the ID number, beginning under the letter "A." See example.
  • The response in the Student Name field also must be left justified. See example.
  • If the Special Code field is used, it must be left justified under the letter "K." See example.

Preparing Exams or Surveys to be Scanned

  • Face answer forms in the same direction. Improperly sorted forms interrupt optical scanning and delay processing.
  • Submit only completed forms for processing. Blank answer forms or other papers interrupt optical scanning and delay processing.
  • For exams, complete an answer key. Label this form "KEY" in the NAME field, left justified. Leave the ID field blank. Place the answer key on top of completed exams.
  • Fill out a Request for Scanning form. If you are completing the form on behalf of faculty, enter the faculty information instead of your own. Include one Request for Scanning form per exam.
  • Place answer forms in a campus envelope (one exam per envelope with the answer key on top).
  • Do not send tests through campus mail. See drop-off information below.
  • Do not use staples, paper clips, labels or rubber bands to avoid delayed processing and/or improper scanning.
  • Forms that cannot be scanned after multiple attempts are marked unscannable and returned. The results for unscanned forms are not included in the scan results.