Administering Equipment in the Data Center

Commissioning Equipment

When commissioning equipment to be located in the data center:

  1. Contact the data center facilities manager ( to discuss your needs.
  2. Provide the relevant information regarding data center requirements for the hosted resource.
  3. The manager will determine whether to provision services or refer projects to IT Services leadership for review.

If deploying physical equipment in the data center, provide the following information:

  • Power usage requirements
    • Rated in watts or KVA. This information is necessary to determine placement and the amount of cooling needed.
  • Electrical requirements
    • What type of connectors are needed?
    • How many of said type of connectors are required?
    • Is there a need for redundant connections to power?
    • Should the power connectors be on street power, UPS or generator-protected?
  • Network requirements
    • What are the network throughput needs?
    • What type and how many physical network connections are needed?
  • Purchasing information
    • Provide the FAMA P.O. number. This information is needed to place the electrical order for power and data runs.

Once the power and network data runs are installed, you will submit a ticket to activate the network ports. Make sure to include network attributes in the ticket.

Owners of equipment deployed in the Data Center are responsible for managing their own asset's lifecycle, including but not limited to: the asset's warranty status, date of lease expiration, age of equipment, and timeline for when product is approaching the end of its lifecycle. Owners of equipment purchased with University of Arkansas, Fayetteville funds are also responsible for complying with the university's property accounting policies.

Decommissioning Equipment

Users are expected to power off and remove equipment within a reasonable time-frame to ensure the efficient use of power, cooling and space in the data center.

Data center staff can assist with removal, surplus or disposal of decommissioned equipment.

To decommission equipment from the data center:

  1. Inform data center facilities manager what equipment you are removing.
  2. Power down the equipment in your rack.
  3. Unplug your power cords from the power receptacles.
    Note: Do not turn off any breakers in the large room PDU units.
  4. Unplug all network cables from the patch panel.
  5. Remove equipment as necessary.
  6. Submit a ticket to de-activate the network ports that are no longer needed.

Shipping address for equipment removal: 
IT Services ADSB-106
co/ Chuck Dwyer
University of Arkansas
155 Razorback Road
Fayetteville, AR 72701