Domain Name Service (DNS) Policy

Every computer on the internet is assigned a numerical IP address. The Domain Name System (DNS) maps a machine's canonical name, e.g.,, to its IP address (as well as reverse mapping of an IP address to a canonical name). Because the use of the network is an integral part of research, teaching and learning at the University of Arkansas, administration and adherence to naming conventions are crucial.

IP addresses must be registered with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), a non-profit, independent organization providing central coordinating functions for the global internet. The address space representing the University of Arkansas is the responsibility of IT Services. IT Services may delegate the responsibility for all or a portion of an IP address range assigned to the university to an organizational unit within the university; however, ultimate responsibility of the range remains with IT Services. An organizational unit receiving such a delegation may not further delegate its IP addresses to another party without IT Services authorization.

Although domain names are registered through any of a number of officially sanctioned domain name registrars, IT Services is responsible for allocating, registering, arbitrating and maintaining the domain names associated with the university.

Name Servers

IT Services maintains highly available (24/7) primary and secondary name servers, and is responsible for the top level domain. In special circumstances, particularly in support of sub-domains, IT Services may delegate all or a portion of a domain name space to authorize the use of DNS servers within other campus organizational units. DNS servers may only be deployed with IT Services approval and under the supervision of an experienced system administrator who adheres to all University of Arkansas server security and administration policies and practices.

Under no circumstances shall a machine with an IP address assigned to the university be hosted outside the University of Arkansas's properly authorized DNS servers.

Name Space Management

Top Level Domains

By default, the University of Arkansas uses the top-level domain of All IP resources normally associated with the university utilize this domain.


A sub-domain is a logical representation of a top-level domain subset, usually taking the form of Top Level Domains

Designer domains, sometimes called vanity domains, are top-level domains (other than those indicated above) that do not include the University of Arkansas association in their name (e.g., Such domains represent an exception and their definition will be granted only in the following cases and subject to these limitations:

  • Designer domains will only be assigned to non-profit, non-commercial academic agencies; office of business affairs approved commercial institutional entities; and institutes, services or programs affiliated with the University of Arkansas that fit within the university's mission of education, research and outreach.
  • Designer domains are hosted on the central campus DNS servers.
  • Campus organizations requesting designer domains are responsible for providing host resources for subsequent associated host names.

Naming Conventions

Since colleges, departments and student organizations are a subset of the university, domain and host names are expected to reflect a university, departmental and service association. Thus the following simple naming conventions are to be followed:

  • A sub-domain is unique within a top-level domain and reflects department/school affiliation.
  • Host names reflect the use or purpose of a system. Departments responsible for DNS servers have the right to refuse a name request if it may cause confusion about the true nature or purpose of a system.
  • Host names reflect the University of Arkansas, and name selections are in good taste. Departments responsible for DNS servers have the right to deem a name inappropriate and refuse it.

Reverse Name Mapping

Reverse canonical name mapping provides a method of obtaining the domain name for an IP address. All domain names administered in those domains delegated to the University of Arkansas will have reverse canonical name mappings.