Retiring Google Drive

Starting in fall 2022, UARK-provided Google Drive and other Google Suite features will be retired. OneDrive is the recommended file sharing service for students, faculty, and staff. 

Heads up! You are responsible for moving any Google Drive files you wish to keep before your account is removed.

Export Your Files

If you have any accounts connected to your Google environment, export the files and sign the account out of your Chrome browser, Chromebook, Android devices, etc.

Migration Options

  • Use the Google Takeout tool to export files and then upload to OneDrive or your preferred file storage solution.

    Watch the video on this page for a walkthrough of Google Takeout.

  • Manually select and download the Google Drive files you would like to keep on your computer and upload elsewhere if desired. 

Why OneDrive?

The removal of Google Drive is the final step in the campuswide switch from Google Suite to Microsoft Outlook started in December 2020. The change from Google Drive to OneDrive was prompted by a need to secure university data and improve support for file storage.

OneDrive Benefits

  • Simplified file sharing and real-time collaboration among faculty, advisors, and supervisors for student employees on campus. 
  • Greater integration with Microsoft Office 365, available for free to students to install on up to five devices, including iOS and Android.