Campus IT Projects

The campus technology community at the University of Arkansas is always working to improve our IT infrastructure and provide the best services possible for students, faculty and staff on campus and abroad.

Request IT Projects

Departments can request projects for new or unique services not included in the IT service catalog. The project intake process can be used for new software acquisition and installation, specialized data extracts, APIs and third-party solution integrations, IT infrastructure enhancements, and more. 

Completed: Google Drive Retirement

In fall 2022, UARK-provided Google Drive and other Google Suite features were retired. OneDrive is the recommended file sharing service for students, faculty, and staff. Benefits of OneDrive include:

  1. Simplified file sharing and real-time collaboration among faculty, advisors, and supervisors for student employees on campus. 
  2. Greater integration with Microsoft Office 365, available for free to install on up to five devices, including iOS and Android. 

Completed: Student Multi-Factor Authentication

As part of an ongoing commitment to securing university data, multi-factor authentication was activated for all new students during the fall 2021 semester. 

Completed: Digital Measures Implementation

In July 2020, IT Services completed the implementation of Digital Measures in collaboration with the Office of the Provost. Digital Measures provides a centralized faculty activity repository across all colleges, departments and units.

Achieve IT Initiatives

Achieve IT was the first step toward a strong foundation of technology to support creativity, innovation, exploration and discovery at the University of Arkansas.