Hard Token Setup: YubiKey

The YubiKey hard token plugs into your computer and verifies your UARK account for multi-factor authentication. The university recommends installing the YubiKey Authenticator app on any device you will use with the hard token. 

Wait! In order to download the application, you must have administrator access on your computer. If you are prompted for an administrator password, please contact your department's tech support person. 

  1. On your primary work or school computer, download and install the Yubico Authenticator app:
  2. Once installed, open Yubico Authenticator, and insert the YubiKey hard token into the USB port.
  3. Click Add Account or "+" to add your UARK account. 
  4. Open the computer's web browser and go to account.uark.edu.
  5. Click Edit security info on the right, under Manage account.
    Screenshot of the menu on the account page that shows Edit security info under Manage account.

  6. Click +Add method and select Authenticator app.
  7. Click the "I want to use a different authenticator app" link. Click Next.
  8. On the screen showing a QR code, click the "Can't scan image" link.
  9. Your UARK email address will appear with a Secret key. Click the Copy icon next to the Secret key to copy it to your clipboard.
  10. In the Yubico Authenticator window, click Scan.
    Note: If you get an error, click Manual. 
  11. Verify that the Issuer is listed as Microsoft and your UARK account is correct. Click Add.
    Note: If the information on this screen is incorrect or missing:
    1. Enter Microsoft in the Issuer field.
    2. Enter your UARK email address in the Account name field.
    3. Paste your Secret key. 
    4. Leave the Require touch check box unchecked.
    5. Click Add.

  12. Return to the web browser window with the Authenticator app information. Click Next.
    Screenshot of Authenticator App screen showing QR code and Secret key information.

  13. Under Enter code, provide the six-digit code displayed in the Yubico Authenticator application. Click Next.
  14. On the Security info screen in your web browser, make sure the Default sign-in method is set to "Authenticator app or hardware token - code."
    Note: If this is not correct, click the Change link, and select "Authenticator app or hardware token - code" from the dropdown menu. Click Confirm.
  15. Click the My Account profile icon at the top right of the window, and select Sign Out.

For assistance setting up multi-factor authentication, please create a ticket or contact the IT Help Desk.