Leaving the University

When you leave the university, your UARK account will be deleted and you will no longer be able to access UAConnect, Blackboard Learn, campus Wi-Fi, computer labs, Office 365 or other university services. All email, personal websites and saved files will be purged. University-licensed software must be removed from your personal devices. 

Back Up Your Files

After your UARK account is closed, you will no longer have access to your University of Arkansas OneDrive, Box, or Google Drive files. IT Services recommends backing up those files by saving them to your computer or a personal file storage account.

OneDrive and SharePoint

Download any OneDrive files you want to keep and transfer them to a personal file storage account. Get started with downloading files from OneDrive.

Ownership of SharePoint sites and/or employee files saved in OneDrive should be transferred to another user.


Make sure to transfer ownership of files and switch your Box account to a personal email address. Contact the IT Help Desk to retrieve work files owned by a user who is no longer with the university.

Google Drive

Google Takeout allows you to export all of your Google Suite files, logs and more. Get started with Google Takeout.

Back Up Your Email

Set up email forwarding to an external account well in advance of your account being deleted, and instruct your contacts to email your non-UARK address. When your UARK account is deleted, the email forward will no longer work.

Transfer Departmental Accounts

Ownership of departmental email and phone accounts can be transferred when the previous owner leaves the university. To transfer ownership of an account, use the Account Request form.

Closing UARK Accounts


A student account is active for two years after the end of the last term for which they were enrolled. For instance, if you left in the fall semester, you can access your account until the end of the fall semester two years later. At that time, you can no longer access your account, and two months later your account will be purged. 

If a student has a remaining balance owed to the university, their UARK account will remain active until the balance is paid so that the student can access UAConnect to make payments. This does not apply to graduates who continue to enroll each semester.

Faculty and Staff

  • When a faculty or staff member's employment ends, the account is purged on the date provided by the supervisor. If a supervisor does not provide IT Services with a purge date, former faculty and staff receive warning emails 30 and 45 days after the end date of their employment. The account is then blocked after 50 days and deleted on day 77.
  • Retirees and emeriti can contact Human Resources to determine eligibility for maintaining a UARK account.