How to Register with Multi-Factor Authentication

New faculty, staff and students are required to register multi-factor authentication for their UARK accounts. Follow the steps below to get started. 

Heads up! You will need your mobile device and computer on hand in order to complete the registration steps. If you are unable to use the Authenticator app or phone options for account verification, you have the option to use a hard token device.

  1. From the web browser on your computer, go to and log in with your account information.
  2. After you enter your UARK credentials, you will be asked to provide more information. Click Next.
    Note: If you do not receive this notification, you may already be registered for multi-factor.
    Screenshot of dialog box from UARK login that says "More information required. Your organization needs more information to keep your account secure. Skip for now, Use a different account, Learn more, Click Next."

  3. You will be prompted to set up the Microsoft Authenticator app (recommended). This is the easiest and most secure authentication method.
    Screenshot of microsoft's screen to set up the authenticator app.

    If you cannot install the app, click "I want to set up a different method" and select Phone.
    Follow the instructions to set up your phone for multi-factor authentication.

    If you require an alternative solution, learn more about using a hard token.

  4. Click Download now, or click below to get the app for your device:
  5. Heads up! The first time you open the app, you will be asked to grant access and allow notifications.
    • You are required to allow notifications and grant access to the device camera.
    • If you skip these steps or answer "Don't allow," the setup process cannot be completed.

      Screen prompt to allow or not allow notifications. Tap Allow.

  6. From the Authenticator app, tap Add Account. Select Work or school account.
  7. Enter your UARK account information.
  8. On your web browser, a QR code will appear to complete your account setup. Point your phone, which will display the QR code scanner, at your computer screen where the code is displayed.

    Screenshot of QR code to verify your device and account.

  9. Tap Approve on the pop-up notification on your phone, or enter the 6-digit code into the box on your web browser screen. The code will be displayed within the Authenticator app screen on your phone. Click Verify.
    Note: The app will continuously display a 6-digit code that automatically refreshes to a new code every 30 seconds.
  10. The Secure Info screen will appear confirming that your registration is complete. If the Default Sign-in Method listed does not say Authenticator App, click Change and then select Authenticator App from the drop-down menu. Click Confirm. 

Heads up! Make sure your smartphone or other texting device is charged and with you whenever you need to access UARK services whether on or off campus.

For the first couple of days after you begin using multi-factor authentication, Microsoft might require you to verify your account multiple times across your devices. Once verified, you will remain logged into your UARK services for up to 60 days while connected to UARK Wi-Fi on campus. 

For assistance setting up multi-factor authentication, please create a ticket or contact the IT Help Desk.