Text (SMS) or Phone Call Authentication Setup

You can use a mobile phone to receive an SMS text message or phone call for verifying your UARK account for multi-factor authentication.

Alert: Mobile phones are strongly recommended for text or phone call authentication. Using your university office phone number is not recommend and can cause problems in the event your desk phone is signed out. 

  1. When prompted to set up your authentication method, click "I want to set up a different method."
    Screenshot of Microsoft screen with the option to select a different authentication method. 

  2. Enter your mobile phone number and choose Text or Call.
  3. Click Next. You will receive a 6-digit code by text or phone call. Enter the code into the setup screen on your web browser to complete verification. 
    • For text message authentication, you will receive a message that says "Use this code for Microsoft verification."
    • For phone call authentication, you will receive a recorded call from 479-575-2905 that asks you to press # to verify.

For assistance setting up multi-factor authentication, please create a ticket or contact the IT Help Desk.