Student MFA: Opt-In

Fall 2021 new students will be required to start multi-factor authentication in September. You have the option to opt-in early if you want to get multi-factor authentication on your account before the deadline. Follow the instructions below to complete early opt-in. 

Step 1: Update Security Info

  1. From the web browser on your computer, go to and log in with your information. 
  2. Click Edit Security Info on the right. You might be prompted to verify access to view this page.
  3. Update your phone number to your current personal number by clicking Change. You must use a number for a phone that you have access to at all times. 
    Wait! If you do not update your phone number, you will be unable to access your UARK account. 
  4. Proceed to Step 2: Register Your Device.

Students without a smartphone or the ability to receive text messages should create a ticket. Do not proceed to the opt in steps. You will be contacted by the IT Help desk about alternatives for multi-factor authentication.

Step 2: Register Your Device

Important! You need your smartphone and computer to complete the registration process. 

  1. On the Security Info page, click +Add Method. Select Microsoft Authenticator app from the drop-down menu and click Add.
  2. Install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone:
    Apple App Store
    Google Play Store
    Note: You are required to allow notifications and grant access to device camera or the setup process cannot be completed.
  3. Once the app is installed on your phone, tap I Agree. Click Next on your computer.
  4. Follow the instructions to sign in and register your device. Make sure you sign into a "work or school account" using your UARK email address and password.
  5. The Security Info page will load, confirming that your registration is complete.
    Note: If the Default Sign-In Method at the top does not say Microsoft Authenticator app, click Change and select Microsoft Authenticator app from the menu. Click Confirm. 
  6. Proceed to Step 3: Enable Opt-In. 

Step 3: Enable Opt-In

  1. Go to the Student Opt in Page.
  2. Click the Join button. 
  3. Enter "student" in the Justification box and click Request.
  4. You will be automatically enabled for multi-factor authentication. The next time you log into a UARK online service, you will be required to use the Authenticator app to sign in.

Warning! Always keep your smartphone charged and with you when accessing online services for exams, coursework, labs, etc.