Software Updates and Backups

Keeping your software current is as important — perhaps even more important — as keeping antivirus software updated.

Most cybersecurity vulnerabilities were found in popular third-party software applications. This does not mean that users should avoid those applications; all software has bugs. Software vulnerabilities can only wreak havoc when users fail to install updates that address such vulnerabilities. Several types of malware are spread through web browsers, making it especially important to update your web browser and all browser plug-ins like Flash and PDF readers.

Following these steps will help keep your personal information and your devices safe:

  1. Stay updated using your operating system's update tools. For Windows, use Microsoft Update in the Start menu and make periodic system restore points. For Mac, use Software Update in the Apple Menu.
  2. Update your antivirus virus definitions by opening Symantec AntiVirus and clicking Live Update.
  3. Keep your third-party software updated. Add-on software for both Windows and Mac can help with this. The IT Services Security Team recommends Secunia PSI for Windows and AppFresh for Mac.  IT Services also recommends MacUpdate.