BASIS Accounts

Users who log into webBASIS as employees use their UARK username and password. Users who log directly into BASIS, the Business Administrative Strategic Information System, or log into webBASIS as administrators, use a BASIS ADMIN username and password.

Staff required to enter information into BASIS can request administrative access by logging into and clicking Admin ID Request. Although most BASIS ADMIN usernames are the same as UARK usernames, BASIS ADMIN passwords cannot be the same as UARK passwords.

Due to the sensitive nature of employee and financial  information stored in BASIS, state legislative auditors mandate specific policies that protect BASIS credentials. BASIS ADMIN users are locked out of BASIS or webBASIS after five (5) consecutive failed login attempts. These attempts can occur at one time or over the course of weeks, but must be consecutive.

UARK users are locked out of webBASIS for a 30 minute period after five (5) consecutive failed login attempts.

BASIS Password Guidelines

Passwords must be exactly eight characters.

  • Passwords must contain at least one number, one uppercase and one lowercase character.
  • The following special characters are allowed and considered uppercase characters: # $ @
  • Passwords cannot be reused within the last six changes.

Changing Your BASIS Password

Your BASIS ADMIN password expires after 120 days. To change a current or expired password:

  1. Go to the Admin logon screen and enter your BASIS ADMIN username and password.
  2. Tab to the New Password field and enter your new password.
  3. You will be prompted to "Confirm by rekeying your password." Enter your new password again.
  4. Click Enter.

Unlocking Your BASIS Account

If you have forgotten your password or have been locked out due to failed login attempts, go to one of the IT Help Desks,  the Tech Spot labs in the Arkansas Union or Mullins Library, or the Student Technology Center during business hours with your University ID. You can also contact your Leave Administrator to unlock your BASIS account. An email containing your temporary password will be sent to your UARK email account. Log into BASIS to change your temporary password.

To change a BASIS password from off campus, complete and fax the BASIS Admin Password Reset form.