Run Data Warehouse Reports in SAS EG

Run standardized Data Warehouse reports of historical BASIS data using SAS Enterprise Guide (EG).

  1. Open SAS EG.
  2. Click File and select Open
  3. Click SAS Folders. Click Browse.
  4. Double-click the U of A Standardized Reports folder. 
  5. Double-click the category folder that you need. 
  6. Select the report file to open. Click Create Project.
  7. In the Project pane, select the report from the Stored Processes folder. Click Run.
  8. Complete the form. Click Run. 


Off campus? Connect to the campus VPN to access Data Warehouse. 

Data Warehouse access is required before running reports, and SAS EG and the ODBC driver must be installed.

Learn more about Reporting and Analytics (Data Warehouse).