SAS Web Application

The SAS Stored Processes Web Application allows access to U of A Standardized Reports to run historical BASIS data reports from Data Warehouse using a web browser. 

Heads up! Off-campus computers must be connected to the campus VPN to access this site.

  1. Go to the SAS Stored Process Web Application by copying and pasting this address into your web browser:
  2. Log in with your UARK username and password.
    Note: If you get a sign-in error, you may need to request Data Warehouse access.
  3. Click the “List Available Stored Process and Reports” link near the bottom of the page.

    Screenshot of the SAS Web Application page and highlighting the link text "List Available Stored Process and Reports"

  4. Open the U of A Standardized Reports folder. Expand a folder by clicking the plus (+) or by double-clicking.
  5. Click the report you want to run.
  6. Complete the form that displays on the right. Click Run.

    Screenshot of the report form that highlights the Run button at the bottom