Requesting SSL Certificates

IT Services grants SSL certificates issued by Sectigo the InCommon Certificate Service. Certificates are valid for one year.

SSL Certificate Request Ticket

To generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and submit it to the IT Services Security Team:

  1. Follow the instructions for your platform or application environment:

    For a complete list of platforms, see the Comodo Knowledge Base: CSR Generation page.

    Note: Ensure your CSR is created with a 2048-bit or larger public key.

  2. When prompted, provide the following information:
    • Country: US
    • State: Arkansas
    • Locality Name: Fayetteville (or city where system is located)
    • Organization Name: University of Arkansas
    • Organizational Unit Name: Name of unit requesting certificate
    • Common Name: Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of host 
    • Email Address: leave blank
    • Challenge Password: leave blank
    • An Optional Company Name: leave blank

      : Your CSR will be generated on your local file system (usually in the Downloads folder).

  3. Create a ticket, including your office phone number and details about your CSR, including a description of the application or server to which it will be applied, as well as information or special instructions that apply to the request

  4. Click the paper clip icon and select Attach a file. Find and select the CSR file generated in step 2. Click Submit.

The certificate will be issued through the original ticket within two business days under normal circumstances.