Network Infrastructure

The University of Arkansas is connected to the internet through a 20Gb and 100Gb fiber optic connection provided by ARE-ON. This connection is distributed across campus, providing a fast and reliable experience.

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Heads up! For the most up to date information and resources, visit the IT Help Portal to browse a full list of services and instructions.

Need more network ports? Adding unmanaged network switches will cause problems for your devices. If your office needs additional ports, IT Services will install a managed network switch. To get started, submit a Network Request ticket.

Network Basics

IT Services manages public and private IP addresses and domain name services including the ability to add or change domain names, request vanity DNS for hosted websites, and manage workstations and printers.

Infoblox Log into Infoblox

Heads up! VPN is required for accessing Infoblox, even when on campus. Learn more about the campus VPN

Infoblox is the campus DNS and DHCP management system. Access to Infoblox for departmental technicians is provided after completion of a training session offered by IT Services.

Ports and Cables

Departmental staff with IT administrative oversight can request an existing port be activated or a new network drop be added to a section of a campus building.

Campus Firewalls

Any application using default ports will already be unblocked to the campus network. Please allow up to two weeks for firewall requests on the campus and data center firewalls.

Network Service Design and Implementation

IT Services provides design and implementation assistance for projects requiring new or modified service. For example, new buildings or complex data center requirements.

Network Time Protocol Server

The subdomain is used for network time protocol (NTP), synchronizing time for computers and mobile devices on campus.

How Tos

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