Network Drops

Departmental staff with IT administrative oversight can request an existing port be activated or a new network drop be added to a section of a campus building.

Activate Existing Network Port Request New Network Drop

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Activate an Existing Port

Many campus network ports have been deactivated as part of a strategy to decrease the overall cost of the campus network. To have a port reactivated, submit a request

Resolution time is two business days. To complete the request, you will need to provide the wall port information, which is printed on the ethernet wall plate in the following format: AAAA-###[B]-BB##
Note: If the label is unreadable, check inside the door jamb to find a label with all the faceplate numbers.

If the network port is activated but is not working, follow the steps to Troubleshoot an Active Port.

Request New Network Drop

Resolution Time: 5 to 35 business days

To get started, submit a Network Drop Request ticket. Resolution time is dependent on the availability of switch ports in the telecommunications room. If your request is regarding a project on campus, please use the Network Service Design and Implementation form. 

Alert: Allow up to four business days to activate any network drops that were not added using this procedure.