Data Plans

Alert: Prices listed below are subject to change.

Data plans provide internet service for smart phones and tablets. In addition to voice plans, data plans are required for smart phones.

Request Tablet Activation

Only devices that connect to Office 365/Exchange are supported. Contact the IT Help Desk for all support questions.

Smart Phone Data Plans

DataPro Plan Monthly Cost
3GB on 4G LTE $22.50
5GB on 4G LTE
(tethering included)

Call *3282# from your cell phone to check your data use for the current billing cycle. 

iPad and Tablet Data Plans

Wait! Do you already have an existing data plan for a university-owned cellphone? You can save on cost by purchasing a Wi-Fi-only iPad or tablet and utilizing Wi-Fi tethering from your phone. 

To get started with your device and activate 3G data, please complete the iPad/Tablet Activation form.

Plan Type Monthly Service Data Overage
250MB Personal $14.99 (no discount) $14.99 per additional 250MB
3GB Domestic $26.25 (originally $35.00) $10 per additional 1GB
3GB Enterprise $35.00 (no discount) $10 per additional 1GB
5GB Domestic $37.50 (originally $50.00) $10 per additional 1GB

Our office does not recommend the use of these devices while traveling outside the United States when utilizing cellular data.