International Calling and Data Plans

With an international plan, you can travel abroad with your domestic cell phone with the same phone number. Not all devices are compatible in all countries. Before traveling outside of the U.S., verify that your device is compatible in the countries you are visiting.

Request International Service

Alert: Prices listed below are subject to change. Rates for international voice and data plans will vary depending on location. 

International Voice Roaming 

AT&T Canada and Mexico Travel Minutes*
Monthly Charge** Included Minutes Overage Charge
$30 80 ($0.38/min) $0.50/min
$60 200 ($0.30/min) $0.50/min
$120 500 ($0.24/min) $0.50/min
AT&T Europe Travel Minutes*
Monthly Charge** Included Minutes Overage Charge
$30 30 ($1.00/min) $1.00/min
$60 80 ($0.75/min) $1.00/min
$120 200 ($0.60/min) $1.00/min
AT&T Rest of World Travel Minutes*
Monthly Charge** Included Minutes Overage Charge
$30 15 ($2.00/min) $2.00/min
$60 40 ($1.50/min) $2.00/min
$120 100 ($1.20/min) $2.00/min

*Rates apply only to calls made and received within the plan region. Usage outside of the region will be charged at the pay-per-use rate.
**One-month minimum. If you discontinue the service before your monthly bill cycle ends, the included monthly minute allotment will be reduced proportionately.

International Text Messaging Roaming

Sending text messages while roaming internationally costs $0.50 per message and $1.30 for a message containing a video or photo. 

Regular rates apply when receiving any text, video or photo message while roaming internationally.

International Data Plans

Global data add-on plans start at $30 per month. Data usage, including data usage incurred from delivery of Visual Voicemail messages, will be charged at international rates. 

One of the following options must be selected when requesting international service. Adding or removing this feature mid bill cycle will result in a prorated monthly recurring charge for the monthly fee, however the data allowance is not prorated. 

Global Data Add-on Plan Monthly Fee
120MB $30.00
300MB $60.00
800MB $120.00


  • One-month minimum required. Once the data plan limit is exceeded, the rate is $10/10MB. 
  • Discounted countries/carriers subject to change.
  • International data must be added to your existing domestic data plan.
  • For a list of countries and carriers included in Data Global Add-On Plans visit
  • For countries not included, the rate is $0.0195/KB or $30/120MB.