Voice and Text Plans

Alert: Prices listed below are subject to change.

Voice Plans

If you are using 400 minutes or less on average, you can opt for the National Flat Rate Plan at $0.08/min with 250 Night/Weekend and 250 AT&T Mobile-to-Mobile minutes of usage. The minimum monthly rate for this plan is $10.00, which includes all carrier state/federal taxes and fees and the university's $2.50 administrative fee. Additional plans are listed below.

Plans Anytime Minutes Included Nights/Wknds Monthly Charge
Business Nation 450 w/ Rollover 450 5,000 $29.99
Business Nation 900 w/ Rollover 450 Unlimited $44.99
Business Nation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $69.99

Check Your Remaining Minutes

  1. Dial *MIN# (*646#) from your wireless phone. Spanish speaking customers dial *USO# (*876#).
  2. Press the Send key. 
  3. Within seconds, the minutes remaining are delivered via text message to your phone screen. These minutes will be broken down by type.

Text Messaging Plans

These features allow SMS (text) and MMS (picture/video). AT&T also offers the ability to block all SMS and MMS messaging from each cellular telephone number, known as Opt-Out Messaging, for free. Unless requesting a messaging plan, all new service request orders will be set by default to use Opt-Out Messaging.

Plan Type Monthly Service
200 Messages $5.00
1500 Messages $15.00
Unlimited Messages $20.00