Departmental Phone Service

Wait! Do you need to request phone service for a new employee? Create a ticket.

There are three options for departments to request VoIP phone service for a number not associated with a specific individual. 

Departmental Phone

A departmental phone account is designated with a departmental phone number and can be managed by one or more employees. This service is useful for front office reception, student/hourly/temp employees, and graduate assistants. Ownership of the account can be transferred to others as staffing needs change over time. 

You will use the departmental phone account to log into the desk phone or use Microsoft Teams.

Heads up! Departmental phones cannot be assigned to existing secondary/service accounts. You will be prompted to create a new account.

Please allow up to three business days to fulfill this request. 

Common Area Phone

A common area phone provides basic features and is typically used for courtesy phones in lobbies, waiting areas and other shared spaces. These phones are managed through accounts owned by IT Services. To change the settings of these phone accounts, create a ticket.

Some VoIP features are not available with common area phones, including the ability to log into Microsoft Teams to make calls and customize settings such as voicemail greetings, etc.

Auto-Attendant or Call Tree

An auto-attendant or call tree is used by departments for automatically answering incoming calls and providing a menu of options or allowing the caller to select an extension. For example, callers are prompted by an automated menu to “Press 1 for Spanish, press 2 for the administrative office or press 3 for more options.”

To get started, complete the request form. Someone from IT Services will contact you to discuss requirements and next steps.