VoIP Desk Phone Basic Features

Placing and Receiving Calls

You can start a call by dialing the number on the keypad or selecting a contact from the corporate directory menu. Be sure to dial the full 7-digit number when calling other campus or local numbers.

With the new VoIP system, 5-digit campus extension calling is no longer available. 

While campus is in transition from the analog system to VoIP, those calling you from a non-VoIP phone must dial 9 + your 7-digit number.

Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring

You can automatically send calls to voicemail or another phone number.

  1. Press Forward and select from the options provided:
    • Forward to
    • Simultaneous Ring at
    • Forward Unanswered
  2. Press Config and then enter a phone number or select a contact. 

To stop call forwarding, press Forward and select Do not forward calls.

Transferring Calls

While a call is in progress, press BXfer and enter the phone number or select a contact from the corporate directory menu. Press Trans to transfer the call.

For additional transfer options, including Consultation Transfer, press the Call Menu.