SPSS is software that provides a range of capabilities for data management, statistical analysis and reporting. SPSS site licenses are available for purchase from IT Services, and SPSS for Windows is available in the Tech Spot labs.

Purchasing SPSS

SPSS allows one installation per site license and can only be used for teaching and research purposes.

  • Faculty or staff can purchase an SPSS site license using the IT Services Site License website. When you purchase a statistical site license, an email with a download link and installation instructions is sent to your UARK account. An SPSS Network (base) license is the appropriate choice for departments and colleges. See the SPSS System Requirements.
  • The annual license period is July 1 to June 30. Faculty and staff will receive renewal notices from IT Services in late May or June. After renewing your SPSS site license, a link to the download and installation instructions is emailed to your UARK account.
  • Students can purchase a copy of SPSS Gradpack from the University Bookstore, or go to Kivuto Solutions Inc. for information on leasing a copy of this software.
  • If you purchased a new computer and need SPSS reinstalled, contact keys@uark.edu.
  • Upgrades are free.
  • Users requesting distribution copies of SPSS software are charged per computer for each copy (fee schedule subject to change without prior notice). The Distribution Agreement is effective for the current fiscal year.

SPSS Support

Contact Research Data Services at keys@uark.edu or 479-575-2905 for questions regarding statistical software support. IT Services offers free software training, including Introduction to SPSS and Data Analysis using SPSS.

More information about SPSS software is available at http://www.ibm.com/software/analytics/spss/.

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Updated 04/07/2015

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