Exchange Email Rules

A rule is an action that your email application automatically performs on sent or received email messages. Rules are based on conditions that you specify, for example, moving all messages from a specific person into a folder separate from your inbox.

Rules are created using the Office 365 Outlook Web App (OWA). Rules remain in effect no matter how or where you access your email.

To create a new rule:

  1. Log into with your UARK email address and password.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon on the top right. Under the header "Your app settings," select Mail.
  3. Under the header Automatic processing, click Inbox and sweep rules.
  4. Click the plus (+) icon to create and customize your new rule. Click OK.

To edit an existing rule, follow the steps above and click the pencil icon next to the rule you want to edit. Use the trash icon to delete a rule.

Updated 01/06/2017

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