SharePoint Online Permission Levels

The level of access for users on a SharePoint site can be customized by changing permissions. SharePoint sites can contain subsites, and permission settings specified for the parent site are automatically applied to its subsites unless subsites are given different settings.

The following permission levels specify whether a user or group of users can view, edit or manage a site:

  • Full Control contains all available SharePoint permissions. This permission level is assigned to the Owners group and cannot be customized or deleted.
  • Design allows users to create lists and document libraries, edit pages, and apply themes, borders and style sheets. This permission level must be applied to a specific user or group.
  • Edit allows users to add, edit and delete lists and documents. This permission level is assigned to the Members group by default.
  • Read allows users to access items, pages and documents. This permission level is assigned to the Visitors group by default.
  • Limited Access is assigned by the SharePoint system when a user or group is given permission to only access a specific page or library within a site.

View and Change User Permissions

  1. Browse to the SharePoint site's main page.
  2. Click the gear icon, select Site Settings.
  3. Select Site Permissions.
  4. Check the box for the user(s) or group(s).
  5. Click Edit User Permissions.
  6. Select the desired permission settings. Click OK.

Unique Content

The SharePoint site's Permissions page will display a yellow menu bar when any content on the site is assigned permissions that differ from the parent site's permissions. When the yellow menu bar is not displayed, all content on the site uses the permissions specified for the parent site.

Updated 09/25/2017

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