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The following information is for adding contacts in UA Chat. To access Jabber through a web browser, log into UA Chat at

Add a UARK Jabber Contact

Allow pop-ups in your browser for the application to work properly.

  1. Click Add Contact (+) at the bottom left of the roster window.
  2. If you know the UARK username of the new contact, enter "" in the "Send Subscription To" field. 
    If you do not know the UARK username, click Open Search and select "vCard User Search" from the drop-down menu. Searching by last name is recommended for better results.
  3. Click on the username and the Add Contact button to add the user's Jabber address to the contact request field. Click Send.

Watch this video to learn more about adding UARK Jabber contacts.

Add Other Chat Service Contacts

To add a contact who is using MSN, AIM, ICQ or Yahoo IM systems, you must have a valid username and password for that system and register that account.

Registering other chat services (transports)

  1. Click Preferences at the top of the roster.
  2. Click Gateways, and choose the chat service from the Register at drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your Service ID (UIN, Yahoo ID, screenname or Live ID) and password for the chat service. Click Register.

Adding MSN, Google, AIM, ICQ, or Yahoo contacts

  1. After registering the chat service, click Add Contact (+).
  2. Select the chat service from the Service (Optional) drop-down menu.
    Note: When adding a Google contact, select "Local Jabber user" and enter the contact's Google email address in the "Send Subscription To" field.
  3. In the "Send Subscription To" field, the service's jabber address will be shown (e.g. Enter the contact's screenname, which appears to the left of the @ symbol.
  4. Click Send.


To resolve issues with UA Chat in Internet Explorer, add to Compatibility View. 
  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. From the Tools menu, select "Compatibility View Settings."
  3. In the "Add this website" field, enter ""
  4. Click Add. Click Close.

Updated 10/09/2015

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