MacOS Messages Contacts and Chat Rooms

Add UARK Jabber contacts and join chat rooms using macOS Messages. For instructions on getting started with Messages, see UARK Jabber Mac Setup.

Adding a UARK Jabber Contact

  1. Click the plus (+) icon on the lower left corner of the contact list window.
  2. Select Add Buddy.
  3. In the Account name field, enter the contact's Jabber ID using their UARK username, for example, ""
  4. Select a group from the drop-down menu and enter the contact's first and last name.
  5. Click Add.

Joining Chat Rooms

UARK Jabber hosts public and private chat rooms that can be accessed in Messages. Some chat rooms are password protected.

  1. Open the File menu and select "Go to Chat Room."
  2. In the Room Name field, enter the name of a public chat room (all lowercase) followed by "," for example, "" To join a private chat room, enter ""
  3. Click Go.

Updated 03/13/2014

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