Bomgar Remote Support

Bomgar is a secure, multi-platform support tool that enables technical personnel to access and repair workstations running any platform remotely. Bomgar allows technical personnel to control multiple systems, chat with multiple end-users and collaborate with other support representatives from their own workstations.

Bomgar site licenses are available for purchase from IT Services by creating a request in AskIT. Technical personnel with site licenses can download the Representative console and view reports by logging in at

Bomgar can be used in both Attended or Unattended Mode. In Attended Mode, the user requests assistance and a Bomgar client temporarily runs on the user's computer. In Unattended Mode, a permanent Bomgar client running in the background on the user's computer allows designated support representatives to connect at all times.

Help and assistance with use of the Representative console are available from the Help menu within the application. Instructor-led training is available by request at Additional product information can be found at

Updated 04/15/2015

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