Using NetAccess Wireless

NetAccess is a hidden wireless network used for devices that cannot connect to UARK Wi-Fi. The device's MAC address (physical network address) is used to gain network authorization rather than the user's UARK credentials.

Request NetAccess

To request access to this network, contact your department tech support and provide the MAC address of your device. If you do not have a department tech support contact, create an AskIT case and provide your device's MAC address.

Department tech support or the IT Services Network Engineering Team will add the device to the NetAccess Web tool at

Note: When registering a device, select Wireless Device from the Role drop-down menu.

Connect to NetAccess

To connect to NetAccess:

  1. Open your device's wireless network settings.
  2. Add a new network. Enter "netaccess" in the network name (SSID) field.

Note: The IP addresses of devices connected to NetAccess are in the range of 10.30.5x.x.

Updated 07/29/2014

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