MATLAB Student Setup

MATLAB is a computing language environment used by scientists and engineers for computation, data analysis and visualization. Students can download and activate MATLAB free of charge by following the instructions below. Faculty and staff members interested in using MATLAB can contact their department tech support.

For questions about MATLAB, contact John Chapman at

Create a MathWorks Account

Before installing MATLAB, create your MathWorks account and activate your license.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your UARK email address.
  3. From the "How will you use MathWorks software" drop-down menu, select Student use.
  4. Select the Yes radio button. Click Create.
  5. Log into your UARK email and open the confirmation message from MathWorks. Click Verify your email.
  6. Complete the form to create your MathWorks profile and login information.
  7. In the Activation Key or License Number field, enter the University of Arkansas activation key (login required to view key).
  8. Click Create. A message will indicate that your profile was successfully created.

Download and Install MATLAB

  1. Go to and click the Download link (login required).
  2. Log in with your MathWorks account information.
  3. Under My Licenses, click Download. Click the Download button with the current software version.
  4. Select your operating system.
  5. When prompted, save the installer to your computer. Double-click the installer file to begin the installation.
    Note: If prompted, click Yes in the Windows User Access Control window. It might be necessary to enter your computer's administrator password.
  6. Select the "Log in with a MathWorks Account" option. Click Next.
  7. Select Yes to accept the terms of the license agreement. Click Next.
  8. Select the "Log in with Your MathWorks Account" option and enter your UARK email address. Click Next.
  9. Enter your MathWorks password. Click Next.
  10. The university software license will be automatically selected. Click Next.
  11. Click Next to accept the installation folder. Click Next to accept the list of applications.
    Note: If prompted, choose shortcut options. Click Next.
  12. Click Install. Click Next.
  13. Make sure the "Activate MATLAB" box is checked. Click Next.
  14. Click Confirm. Click Finish.

Once the installation process is completed, you can open MATLAB from Start or Applications.

My Copy of MATLAB Is Not Activated

If you did not enter the MATLAB activation key when creating your MathWorks account, you can activate it now by doing the following:

  1. Log into with your MathWorks account information.
  2. Click Associate License in the top right.
  3. In the Activation Key or License Number field, enter the University of Arkansas activation key (login required to view key).
  4. Click Associate License.

Updated 12/03/2015

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