Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups is a collaboration service available to faculty and staff for writing and sharing documents, scheduling meetings, sending email and more.

You can get started with Groups by logging in at with your UARK email address and password and clicking the plus icon (+) next to Groups in the menu on the left. 

When creating a new group, we recommend following a consistent naming convention to avoid clutter and confusion as more employees and departments move to the new service.

How to Name Your Group

  • Make the name of your group more than 8 characters long.
  • Make your group name as concise as possible while making it meaningful for your members.  Members may forget the name of the group and want to search, so a meaningful name can be important.
  • If your new group is to be used for your school, department or business unit (BU), we suggest starting your group name with the unit code, followed by a dash. Example: “GRAD-All School”
  • If your new group members are not limited to a single school or department, consider the role of the group as a way to start the name of the group. Examples:
    • Campus IT-Active Directory
    • Accounting-Asset Managers
    • Research-Grant Opportunities
    • GraduateProgramName-Faculty Shared Space
    • UAF-Campuswide Group Name
  • If you need to use a group temporarily for a specific project, committee or purpose, we recommend you begin your group name with a word that tells your members what this group is about. Examples:
    • Project-Retention Software
    • Committee-Sustainability
    • Search Committee-Position Title or ID Here

Learn more about Office 365 Groups.

Updated 03/27/2017

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