Kofax Capture Pre-installation Steps

Before installing Kofax Capture for Windows, you must follow the steps below to meet the security requirements:

  1. Add the specific user information to your department's Kofax AD security group. If you need more information about your Kofax AD group, create a ticket.
  2. Request security for the Kofax Capture batch classes by creating a ticket. Include the user’s UARK username and a list of the Kofax Capture batch classes they need to access.
  3. Install the scanner and the native scanner drivers. You can verify that the scanner is compatible with Kofax Capture by checking the Kofax Scanner Configuration Utility.
  4. The logged-in user must have “modify” level security to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax directory to create and use the local runtime database Kofax uses during processing.
  5. The user account control found at Control Panel\User Accounts\Change User Account Control settings has to be set to “Never notify."  Restart the computer to confirm the changes go into effect.
  6. Change the setting at Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Local Security Policy/Local Policies/Security Options.
    • Set "User Account Control: Virtualize file and registry write failures to per-user locations" to "Disabled."  Click Apply. 
    • Close the Local Security Policy and Administrative Tools windows. 
    • Restart the computer to confirm the changes go into effect.
  7. Follow the instructions to Install Kofax Capture for Windows.

Warning: Kofax Capture will not install and work correctly without meeting these security requirements. If you have any questions about installing Kofax, create a ticket.

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