Test Scanning and Scoring Instructions

Scanning services are available during business hours in Gibson Annex next to the Fine Arts building.

WAIT! Before getting started, read the following guidelines for preparing Scantrons to scan. See the prepared Scantron example.

  • Pearson 4521 exam forms are preferred, but 6703 forms are also allowed.
  • Remove stray marks, staples, paperclips, labels or rubber bands. Do not bend, fold or mutilate. 
  • Exams must be completed using #2 pencils.
  • Student names and ID numbers are required. 
  • Make sure Name, ID and Special Code fields are left-justified, starting at the far left of the answer area.
  • Include an answer key with "AA KEY" in the Name field.
    Note: The Name field can be changed after scanning if necessary.

Scanning and Grading Exams or Surveys

  1. When inserting forms in the scanner, they should all face the same direction and be oriented the same. Tick marks should be in the front facing toward you with the notch in the top right corner.
  2. Place the answer key on top.
  3. Slide the tests under the metal arm. Keep the stack below the maximum sheet level guide.
  4. Log into the scanning workstation and open the Remark application. When prompted with the User Account Control question, click Yes.
  5. Click Open Other Templates. Go to the c:\UARK Templates\ folder.
  6. Select the appropriate template and click Open. Template names are based on the form used and the number of questions.
    Note: If the number of questions on your test doesn't match any of the templates, select a template with a higher number of questions than your test. The blank questions can be removed before the reports are run.
  7. To begin scanning, click Quick Scan in the top toolbar.
    Note: If you do not see Quick Scan in the top toolbar, click Read.
  8. When prompted with the Continue Scanning Pages question, click No.
  9. If the answer key did not have AA KEY in the Name field, you can edit that field at this time.
  10. Sort results alphabetically by right-clicking the Student Name column header. Click Sort then Ascending.
    Note: Sorting and grading instructions are different for multiple test versions.


If a test form is rejected, remove the form and select Continue Scanning.

Make sure there are no stray marks and that the form is not bent or folded. Fix any issues if possible and feed the form through the scanner again.

If there are issues with test results:

  • Make sure the name, ID and any special codes on the form were completed correctly.
  • Make sure the form is not blank.

Saving and Creating Reports

WAIT! Before running reports, you might need to follow instructions for special requirements or multiple test versions

The Student Statistics Report opens automatically when Quick Grade is run. 

Reports can be saved to a USB drive or your MyDocs account (the Documents folder of the scanning computer).

To save reports, click the Export Report button and select PDF, Excel file or Blackboard file. After saving your files and reports, be sure to close your scan results.

Student Grade Report (PDF)

In the Reports section, select 150 – Student Grade. Students will be listed in the Respondents column on the left. Click the Add All double arrow button to move all the students to the Selected respondents column on the right. Click Run Report.

Test Item Statistics Report (PDF)

In the Reports section, click Test and Items Statistics Reports. Select 320 – Test Item Statistics.

Detailed Report (Excel)

The Excel file will include each student's answer, grade, percentage and score. Click the Data button, and under Export Options, click Export Textual Data and Grade Results.

Save the file and select a version of Excel under Save as Type. Click OK.

Blackboard File

Click the Data button, and under Export Options, click Export Gradebook. Make sure that Blackboard is selected as the Gradebook format. Select ID from the dropdown as the Student identifier.

Special Requirements

Some special requirements can be set by clicking Question Properties under Analysis Tools on the left. In the Advanced Grade dialog box that opens:

  • Change the value of individual questions by selecting the question number on the left and changing the Correct Points number on the right.
  • Make extra credit questions by selecting the question number on the left and checking the Extra Credit Question checkbox.
  • Remove a question from the test by selecting the question number on the left and unchecking the Grade this Question checkbox.
  • Allow multiple correct answers for a question by selecting the question number on the left and selecting the correct answers for that question by holding the Control key when clicking on the answers.

Multiple Test Versions

If you have created multiple test versions, make sure you have an answer key for each version, and that the version number is completed in the Special Codes section of the form with the first (or only) digit aligned under K. Students must have also completed the Special Codes sections of their test forms with the matching numbers of their test versions.

  1. After scanning, sort the test results by clicking Edit then Sort.
  2. Set the Primary Sort Key to Special Codes and the Secondary Sort Key to Student Name. Click Sort.
  3. The first test key (marked with AA KEY) should be in row 1 (row numbers on left). Scroll through the results and find the row numbers of the other test keys.
  4. Click Advanced Grade and select the Test Versions.
  5. Check the Define Multiple Test Versions check box and confirm that Standard (multiple keys) is selected.
  6. Select Special codes from the test version identifier dropdown. Click Create Version.
  7. Select Data Set (Grid) Row from the dropdown. In the number field to the right, type or select the row number for the first key (first should be 1). Click Import Key.
  8. Click Create Version again for the next version. In the number field, type the row number for the second key. Click Import Key.
  9. Continue to create versions, set their key row numbers, and import the keys until you have created all the versions.
  10. Click the Grade button. When prompted with the Save Answer Key question, select No.

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