Activating a Network Drop or Jack

Check the Jack

First, determine if the network drop is active by plugging your computer into the jack. Check to see if the jack is active by following the instructions below for Windows or Mac.

If your drop appears to be active, but you still cannot get on the network, create a ticket.


Mouse over the network interface icon in your system tray. If there is a red X on the icon and you receive the message "A network cable is unplugged," then your drop is most likely not active.

macOS (OS X)

Open the System Preferences, and click Network. If the light next to "Built-in Ethernet" is red, then your jack is most likely not active.

Activate the Jack

If you have determined that your network drop is not active, create a ticket and provide the following information in the description:

  • In which building is this drop located?
  • What is the room number where the drop is located?
  • If available, what is the drop number or label on the drop's faceplate?
  • What is the MAC address of the computer currently plugged into that port?
  • Has the machine involved been registered with DHCP?

Once you have entered this information, click Submit.  An IT staff member should respond to your query within two business days.

Updated 06/19/2015

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