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UARK Jabber chat rooms can be public or private. A public chat room will appear in a list of available chat rooms that other users on the server can see. A private chat room does not appear in the list and cannot be seen by others.

Join a Public Chat Room 

  1. Click the Join Groupchat icon located at the bottom of the main window at
  2. In the "Search for Rooms" field, click Open Search.
  3. Click Search to display the public chat room list.
  4. From the search results, click a room to highlight it. Click Join.

Join a Private Chat Room

To join a private chat room you must know the name of the room in order to join it.

  1. From the chat roster, click the Join Groupchat icon.
  2. Enter the name of the private chat room in the Room field in lowercase letters.
  3. Enter "" in the Server field. Click Join.

Create a Chat Room

If you join a room that is not an established room on the server, you are actually creating a new room that will disappear from the server when the last occupant vacates the room.

Set a Password for a Chat Room You Created

  1. Click Config at the bottom of the chat room window.
  2. Check the "A password is required to enter" box.
  3. In the Room Password field, enter a password for the room. Click OK.


Right-clicking on a contact will provide the following menu options:

  • Start Chat opens a chat window for the contact. If you wish to increase the text entry area of the chat dialog, click the white arrow to expand. 
  • Send Message opens a message dialog box for the contact.
  • Presence opens the presence window to show the status and/or status message of the user. 
  • Edit User opens the edit dialog for the contact. You can add a nickname and change the groups to which the contact belongs. 
  • Show Info displays the contact's profile. 
  • Edit Note is used to add explanatory notes associated with a contact.
  • Resubscribe opens a subscription request for the contact.
  • Remove removes the contact from your contact list and revokes any authentication for the contact. 

Left-clicking a contact opens a chat window for the contact.

The Presence Icon

The light bulb graphic next to your name is the Presence icon used to set your online presence and status message. The status message is a customized version of one of the preset options you may choose:

  • online
  • free for chat
  • away
  • not available
  • do not disturb
  • invisible 
  • offline


The General tab

  • Hide offline users determines whether or not to show users in your roster who are not online.
  • Automatically open messages and chats determines if each message from another user will automatically open the corresponding dialog box.
  • Auto-Pop-Up if away determines if messages are displayed although your status is not "available" or "chat".
  • Play sounds determines the use of sound effects for certain actions like incoming messages.
  • Raise window if a new message is received determines if your roster or chat dialog box will be raised over all other open windows if a new message arrives.
  • Display timestamps in chat windows determines display of the time in the chat dialog.

The Gateways tab

  • Register at allows you to choose a Gateway from the drop-down menu and register. Available transports are AIM, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ.

The Add Contact icon

  • Search for a User allows you to click Open Search and use the Vcard User Search for finding users to add as contacts.
  • Send Subscription to allows you to add a contact by entering the contact's complete Jabber ID.

    Please Note: UARK Jabber IDs use the following format: "" For example, if you know that the UARK email address is, typing "" in the "Send Subscription to" field will add this person as a Jabber contact.

  • Service (Optional) allows you to add contacts from other IM systems (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ) by selecting a transport from the drop-down menu. Enter the contact's username in the "Send Subscription to" field, for example, "," where screenname is the contact's actual AIM screen name.
  • Text Box allows you to customize the message that is sent to a prospective contact. The default message is "I would like to add you to my roster."

The Join Groupchat icon

  • Search for Rooms allows you to click the Open Search button to search for existing rooms on the jabber server.
  • Bookmarks allow you to select a Bookmark to join a Bookmarked room. Click Edit and then click Add/Update to add a new Bookmark or edit an existing Bookmark. Select a Bookmark and click Delete to remove an existing Bookmark. Select the "Autojoin" check box to automatically join a chat room.
  • Nickname allows you to change your name as it appears in a chat room to whatever you wish your name to be.
  • Room allows you to enter an existing chat room name or create a room by entering a name for a room that does not exist on the server.
  • Server: is entered to join or create a public chat room; enter "" to join or create a private chat room. (You must know the name of the private chat room if attempting to join an existing room.)
  • Password allows you to enter a password when joining a password protected chat room.

Updated 03/14/2014

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