Exchange Distribution Groups

Attention: Exchange mailboxes and calendars were recently migrated to the Office 365 cloud. For issues you may experience after the migration, see the troubleshooting tips.

Distribution groups can be created in the UA Exchange Global Address List (GAL) upon request. Distribution groups are used for sending email to a large number of UARK Exchange recipients, as well as granting group access to resources in Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory.

Note: Use Listserv to send messages to groups containing non-UARK users. Learn more at Mailing Lists.

Request Distribution Groups

To get started, complete the Distribution Group Request form. Enter the name and email information for the person who will own the group. 

Manage Groups

Distribution groups are no longer managed using the Office 365 Outlook Web App (OWA). To manage distribution group membership, the group owner must use Active Directory Users & Computers (ADUC) or Active Directory Administrative Console (ADAC). Both tools are available using Windows when the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) is installed.

To manage settings other than membership, contact the IT Help Desk or submit a request to AskIT.

Note: When a UARK account is removed, all associated Exchange mailboxes and Exchange distribution group permissions will also be removed.

Using Groups

  • Group owners can restrict which users are allowed to send to a group.
  • Requests to join a distribution group are rejected by default.
  • Group members cannot leave a group without the appropriate permissions.

MailTips Notices

Group owners can set informational notices called MailTips to display in OWA and Outlook when a user attempts to send an email to the group. A MailTip is a message only visible to the sender that appears in the info bar prior to sending the message.

Updated 01/06/2017

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