Academic Calendar Session Table ACAD_CALSES_TBL
Academic Calendar Term Table ACAD_CALTRM_TBL
Academic Degree Honors Table ACAD_DEGREE_HONS
Academic Degree Plan Table ACAD_DEGR_PLN
Academic Degree Table: Contains Student Degree Awards ACAD_DEGR
Academic Organization Table ACAD_ORG_TBL
Academic Plan Table ACAD_PLAN_TBL
Academic Program Table ACAD_PROG_TBL
Academic Standing Action ACAD_STDNG_ACTN
Academic Sub-Plan Table Contains Student Major, Minors and Concentrations ACAD_SUBPLAN
Address Table: Contains the Various Student Address Types ADDRESSES
Class Component Table: Contains All Class Component Codes and Session Codes CLASS_COMPONENT
Class Instructor Table: Contains Class Instructor Information CLASS_INSTR
Class Meeting Pattern Table: Contains Class Meetings Day and Time Information CLASS_MTG_PAT
Class Table: Contains Available Classes CLASS_TBL
Class Table Student Enroll View CLASS_TBL_SE_VW
Commencement Data UA_COMMENCEMENT
Course Catalog Table: Contains Course Catalog Information CRSE_CATALOG
Course Component Table CRSE_COMPONENT
Course Offering Table CRSE_OFFER
Ethnic Diversity Table DIVERS_ETHNIC
FERPA Code Description Table US_FERPA_CD_MAP
Personal Data Table: Contains Student Name, Address and Demographics PERS_DATA_SA_VW
Personal Data Table: Contains Student Name, Address and FERPA PERSONAL_DATA
Residency Table: Contains Residency Status of a Student RESIDENCY_OFF
Student Academic Plan Table: Contains Student Career and Major ACAD_PLAN
Student Academic Program Table: Contains Student College, Career and Status ACAD_PROG
Student Career Term Table: Contains Enrolled Student by Career and Term STDNT_CAR_TERM
Student Enrollment Table: Contains Student Enrollment Details by Term STDNT_ENRL
Student Group History STDNT_GRPS_HIST
Student Term Summary UA_STUDENT_TERM

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